BALLS.156 Straight Outta Chuggington

Professional audio editing for unprofessional audio, big thinks, hockey talk? (hockey talk), Storm talk, Sink the Slipper, union busting, Marina Hyde on the ECB chair, national gatekeepers, think globally act locally, Yo Gabba Gabba, Tony Martin talk, bent in the Switch, Jetstar stadium aesthetics, average attendances, things to do in Sacramento when your team's rubbish, it's fun to stay in the PCYC, Eastern promise, being pro coach, there's no place like home, Original touch, the Celtics travel like week-old prawns, postal service, generic shapes, ESPN's Kevins on NBA pace, 17 seconds or more, THE LAN finds its D, genetic lottery winners, pulling the receipts, Kerr and Dray, it's my time baby, Thibby Raudonikis, big is good?, getting tired, Austin Rivers SZN, how you can tell this ep was recorded before LeBron's 46 in 46 minutes (and before CP3 was ruled out for game 6), 2016 wants its #KDAintClutch back, shilling for shipping containers, milder Curry, uncompetitive games in competitive series, AFL men coaching AFL women, the Ogwumike Bowl, why you need to support womens' professional leagues, TTCFO, Real Madrid are weird, RB haven't FDRTW yet and calling Elon on his self-own.