BALLS After Dark.137 Sigh O' The Times

The Tasmanian Whisky Fiasco, #TakeNote, respect mah authoritah, I Am Specialized, 'I don't know how much you read', exasperated sighs, in Soviet Russia nihilism becomes you, too old for emo, unrecognisably Kiwi, epic tanties, breakfast of champions, state highway junctions of the south Waikato, Bloody Muse, intros for nothing, unsolicited earworms, not making good decisions, rock historian BS, big pigs and big gigs, remixing the classic, pining for the fjords, does Elon have diplomatic immunity or has it been revoked, roadhouse blues, shouts to Briggs, cheese in a can, Livid lineups, sniffer dogs are fascism, dedication to the bit, 2000's very stacked Livid (poster and video), beats for old people, suns out guns out, SMDFTB, Beck's on deck, why is Swaggy P and zoning out. Our final new albums of NZ Music Month are I Am Giant's farewell and Skinny Hobos' debut, plus Roxette's Look Sharp (1988) is Beeso's classic of the week. Next week: Roadhouses, Dan Sultan and Shihad's The General Electric (1999). Past, present and future review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist while our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 AD Mixtape.