BALLS After Dark.136 World famous in New Zealand

Pouring one out for CRTs, sick mixtapes, The Big OE, rubbing off, gritpop, not being in your 20s but still understanding words, time and place, black sheep, Brothers Nielson, art first questions later, understanding punk, lounge muzak, turning on Daft Punk, DJ Curtis, meta descriptions, sticking to what works, percussive maintenance, cheap misdirection tricks, Smash Hits Redux, depressingly positive, karaoke podcasting, fluent in Englanavian, wash it into the sea, Gurus Live At The Wireless, the state of the art in early 1990s pop and sure fire party stoppers - then in a Not Very Special All New After After Dark, more of the same rubbish about deep dives into ancient chart compilations, lazy pastiches and discovering yourself on Discover Weekly. This week's new albums were from Auckland gritpop (yes, we're persisting with this) act October and Wellingtonian alt-country types Eb & Sparrow, with the Mint Chicks' Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! up for classic consideration. Next week #NZMM continues with I Am Giant's farewell and Skinny Hobos' debut, plus Roxette's 1988 breakthrough has the look (nana nana na, na nana nana na) of a potential classic album. Past, present and future review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist while our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 AD Mixtape.  iTunes: