BALLS.155 Full Klaymunism

Nanoscale violins, victory laps, Bud in Miller country, Word Of The Day, officially the worst, Children Of The Valley Of The Suns, the centre cannot hold, buying for other people, Ringer self-harming, Celtics Guy vs Lakers Guy, the C's D without Kyrie, countdown to Comic Sans, Game of Zones is bad, iso iso all day, who's the worst coach who could win with the Warriors, Full Klaymunism, no experience necessary, galaxy brain conspiracy theories, basketball nihilism, extended ATO sets, not-in-any-way-secret secret weapons, screaming and hurling poo, if the cap fits, get some action, Kimber on Ireland's test debut, losing the toss, Nissan quit before they're ahead (even further ahead today, shouts to Docstradamus), R&D vs marketing, Group A Jaguar XJS homologation minutiae, extra time, Pep's coaching tree and Australia's World Cup Legacy™️ (brought to you by Caltex.) iTunes: