BALLS After Dark.140 Hiphop's a mind state not an area code

On the hunt, unnecessary radio edits, getting arrested, lacking legacy, a very particular audience, broken news, up to spec, from pop to rock, time is a flat circle, shouts to the Monarchs, the Desk Drumming Hall of Fame, narrative-driven pop, giving 'em the Chair, Run To The Alex Hills, rites of passage, Stoneage Cameos, rock and/or roll, say no to techbros, flying north for winter, problematic light: ON, BH vs AH, hazy days with Lazy Grey, Cypress Hill I'm looking in your direction, your new favourite band, opportiunities to suck, Five Daves, After Dark Desert Island Discs (part one and two), feelings are hard yo, scaring the kiddies, table dancing, skinny white dudes and dragging Drizzy. This week's new albums were courtesy Ms. Banks and the Presets, with the Hoodoo Gurus' Crank (1994) serving as an excuse to talk Gurus for an ep. Next week: Naked Giants, Wonk Unit and a 2003 Oz hiphop classic from Bias B. Current and recent review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist (most recent at the end) while our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape. BALLS and After Dark are also available here: