BALLS.160 Stereotypes are a real time saver: World Cup preview

Nothing happens in the NBA, "quitting" on your "team", #EnjoyMyFive, supporting casts, we apologise for the Doc's pronounciation of 'Lopetegui'. centreback sitcoms, Generalissimo Beeso, hard acts to follow, Dray's extension (not the one on Snapchat), Dubs' tax returns, next year's second best team in the NBA, homer insights, shopping by inventory, what goes around, unresolvable head issues, slow motion car crashes, season epitaphs, the fat dancer from Take That, game 1 of 64, is this going to be any good, never go full 1990s Netherlands, playing out of position, N'Golo Rudeword, some weird off-topic AFL stuff, good-but-old vs just-old, previews of games from nights ago, French leftovers, scratching the itch, sit there and swipe, this Sporting life, Bielsa at Leeds? BIELSA AT LEEDS!!, how have Cricket Australia soiled themselves this week, FIFA vs FIFA and confected loyalties.