BALLS.161 The World Cup of One-Nil

Draft day, still hatin' on Ayton, gone sick on Doncic, this is the NBA, Dubs Lite, rangy stuff-doing bigs, old country feuds, Serb your enthusiasm, noone wants to hear about your fantasy team, Russian around, don't cry for Argentina, the Iceland blueprint, the end of draft 'n' stash, being two years away from being two years away, the Nets have a plan (?), Dwight's long goodnight, Big Warrior, RC Buford sightings, respecting the hate, GM BB vs HC BB, the Suns did good (??), #PRUNTYSZN2, not all drafts are created equal, Heat checks, Boogie does Dallas, the best shape of my career, Woj off the top rope, fire Olshey, Italia '90 areas, fuel's errand, more special, Symo's sliding doors, basking Sharks, Mexican matchups, Group Put-It-In-H, three word race reports and triple crown chasing. Also on iTunes: