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Everyone wants to be last year's Raptors, the All Streaky Backcourt All Stars, entertaining first round or entertainingest first round?, get ready to Wiggins, who's the Voss, playoff rooks, Thunder claps back, who stops AD, Bucks-Celts goes seven, Rock Mormon, who gets LeBron, popping the trunk, respecting the game while not wanting to actually watch it, Kawhi vs LMA, sepia-tinted profile pieces, Woj's box score, 3-2 closeout games, local heroes, Wide Wade, fixing Donk Itch, #PRUNTYSZNTWO, why Beeso hates Steve Nash, the Walker Brothers Coaching Academy, UEFA semi first-legs, stand up if you've scored one of the greatest goals in history (sit down CRonaldo... you can stay standing up Zidane, di Canio, van Basten and Bergkamp) and a #NBABracketology update. iTunes: