BALLS After Dark.133 Everybody loves you when you're Bey

Beyond the pale, hop country, got any salmon? (sorted), cranking it live, the Deep North, dirty phonographs, hidden troubles, triumphant declarations, good Beatles, out on the tiles, classic Katches, the Doc's favourite live gigs, the real victims of #Beychella, Pants Joy somehow remains employed, a day at the bowls club, buying a tie in 1971, Iron Producer, nailing it first time, getting out of pocket and copping out. This week Beeso and the Doc enjoyed new albums from the Bonnevilles and Demob Happy and a classic from Cream. Next week: new Stonefield and Space Invadas, while Green Day take it upon themselves to reintroduce the punk rock music to the teenagers of the early 90s. Current and recent review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist; our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape. iTunes: