BALLS After Dark.141 Men At Wonk

Dropped catchphrases, two white guys trying to do a radio show, putting in wonk, some of Tony Martin's best work, He Got Healthy, the importance of being less earnest than Car Seat Headrest, Map Of The Problematic, disavowing yourself, lazy beats, Kath & Kim had bars tho, our contractually obligated Simpsons reference for this episode, playlist inception, audible pounding, all in the name of liberty and Instatourism with Doc. This week new albums from Seattle's Naked Giants, Londonium's Wonk Unit and a 2003 Oz hiphop classic from Bias B. The After Dark review show is off for a couple of weeks so next ep will feature a bonus-sized swag of new albums from J5 alum Cut Chemist, indie folkwit Ben Howard and hard hittin' new Britain collab Pound For Pound featuring the Nextmen vs Gentlemen's Dub Club; while for the classic, we're facing-off the best of Bon Scott era AC/DC: T.N.T. and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (the original Australian releases, of course.) All our current and recent review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist (new stuff added to the end) while our favourite tracks of the year from albums we've reviewed are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape. BALLS and After Dark are also available here:

BALLS.161 The World Cup of One-Nil

Draft day, still hatin' on Ayton, gone sick on Doncic, this is the NBA, Dubs Lite, rangy stuff-doing bigs, old country feuds, Serb your enthusiasm, noone wants to hear about your fantasy team, Russian around, don't cry for Argentina, the Iceland blueprint, the end of draft 'n' stash, being two years away from being two years away, the Nets have a plan (?), Dwight's long goodnight, Big Warrior, RC Buford sightings, respecting the hate, GM BB vs HC BB, the Suns did good (??), #PRUNTYSZN2, not all drafts are created equal, Heat checks, Boogie does Dallas, the best shape of my career, Woj off the top rope, fire Olshey, Italia '90 areas, fuel's errand, more special, Symo's sliding doors, basking Sharks, Mexican matchups, Group Put-It-In-H, three word race reports and triple crown chasing. Also on iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.140 Hiphop's a mind state not an area code

On the hunt, unnecessary radio edits, getting arrested, lacking legacy, a very particular audience, broken news, up to spec, from pop to rock, time is a flat circle, shouts to the Monarchs, the Desk Drumming Hall of Fame, narrative-driven pop, giving 'em the Chair, Run To The Alex Hills, rites of passage, Stoneage Cameos, rock and/or roll, say no to techbros, flying north for winter, problematic light: ON, BH vs AH, hazy days with Lazy Grey, Cypress Hill I'm looking in your direction, your new favourite band, opportiunities to suck, Five Daves, After Dark Desert Island Discs (part one and two), feelings are hard yo, scaring the kiddies, table dancing, skinny white dudes and dragging Drizzy. This week's new albums were courtesy Ms. Banks and the Presets, with the Hoodoo Gurus' Crank (1994) serving as an excuse to talk Gurus for an ep. Next week: Naked Giants, Wonk Unit and a 2003 Oz hiphop classic from Bias B. Current and recent review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist (most recent at the end) while our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape. BALLS and After Dark are also available here:

BALLS.160 Stereotypes are a real time saver: World Cup preview

Nothing happens in the NBA, "quitting" on your "team", #EnjoyMyFive, supporting casts, we apologise for the Doc's pronounciation of 'Lopetegui'. centreback sitcoms, Generalissimo Beeso, hard acts to follow, Dray's extension (not the one on Snapchat), Dubs' tax returns, next year's second best team in the NBA, homer insights, shopping by inventory, what goes around, unresolvable head issues, slow motion car crashes, season epitaphs, the fat dancer from Take That, game 1 of 64, is this going to be any good, never go full 1990s Netherlands, playing out of position, N'Golo Rudeword, some weird off-topic AFL stuff, good-but-old vs just-old, previews of games from nights ago, French leftovers, scratching the itch, sit there and swipe, this Sporting life, Bielsa at Leeds? BIELSA AT LEEDS!!, how have Cricket Australia soiled themselves this week, FIFA vs FIFA and confected loyalties.

BALLS.159 The car in front is a Toyota: our #LeMans24 preview

It's Motorsport Christmas aka the weekend of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and to preview the shenanigans @bernietb joins the Doc to talk Gade getting faded, LM24 commentary, Porsche's plans, the 919 Tribute and Bellof's Nordschleife record, smoking in France, the oral history of the Pink Pig, amateur-class Aussies, BoP and Blancpain, French on French, P2 & P2 101, Kamui's 3:14, 2020 visions, compelling if not close, 24 Hours of Fernando, how will Toyota lose this, Ginetta need better, Giorgio Sernagi-endo, GT predictions, you can't spell disrespect without di Rest(a) and in Soviet Russia, stadiums are designed badly. Enjoy the race, folks. 

BALLS After Dark.139 Weaponry of choice

Shouts to Big Kev, mathematically half decent, the absolute state of dudes, Timmy Time, dragged by silence, hating your own voice, circus school, Bandcamp translations, the invention of metal, Yobsplaining Māori history, getting your double kicks, kapa haka groups, pop filters, unlearning colonialism, bending spacetime, overarching themes, all the drugs, we're a grunge band from Seattle (well it sure beats raising cattle), grime boosters, aspirational hoodies, The Purge but for sample clearance, fandom after the fact, two and a half chords, and a mercifully brief After After Dark 'Doc Further Yobsplains NZ History' monologue on eating people, the Treaty and colonial atrocities. Beeso claims he ran out of data and dropped out. A likely story. This week's new albums were Tell Me How You Really Feel by Very-Inner-Melbourne's Courtney Barnett, by teenage te reo metallurgists Alien Weaponry, and Alice in Chains' 1992 breakthrough Dirt. Next week: new long-players from Ms. Banks and the Presets, and the right time to crank the Hoodoo Gurus' Crank (1994). Current and recent review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist (most recent at the end) while our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape. BALLS and After Dark also available here:

BALLS.158 Yelling at the refs like a hobo on bath salts

The preamble, gamers ruin everything, hatin' on Ayton, #KANGZSZN, Colangelo cops to nothing, it's all Adam Silver's fault, toppling dictators, the Jurgen era in 10,000 words, losing on the first lap, don't pay the Ferry man, against failsons, Bo and Pablo's new show, stepping on your bits, girt by muppets, expansion joints, beef brurst?, the 12 Days of Takemas, in defence of human error, the magnificent seven, overpaying for the Clips, reluctantly talking about the actual games of the NBA Finals, Isaiah vs Isiah, the oral history of Durant joining the Dubs, not being the smartest person in the room, you can't spell catastrophic omnishambles without CA, the Peever Principle, sledging your kids, Hesson sack? (no, he just quit), the drunkest man in the universe, our #BALLS World Cup tipping comp (and COMING SOON our WC Fantasy League), FFA short-term-ism, Karius compos mentis, binning the pace car and F1's dumbest idea ever. Shouts to the Dubs on their sweep and @bernietb on somehow winning this.

BALLS After Dark.138 Melancholy and the Infowars Slaphead

Coffee stouts, the Ben Tune Experience, hill people, always blow on the pie, off a cliff, putting some music on, misery tourism, reimaginings, camp pathology, Noanna, the new VW Pushat, going for a Slash, live vs studio, is Enter Sandman a pop song, headbanging for kids, stacks of stacks, nostalgia is lies, hunting #NZMM albums out of season and the dot dot com bubble. This week we reviewed a new album from Aussie indie quasi supergroup Roadhouses, a not-new not-album from Dan Sultan and a turn-of-the millennium classic from Shihad. Next week: fresh NZ metal via Alien Weaponry, Courtney Barnett's second act and classic-fying Alice in Chains' Dirt (1992). Past, present and future review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist while our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 AD Mixtape.

BALLS.157 C Us Next Time

Coke budgets, we are all JR Smith, victim Broning, the Rockets' failure to launch, plus 136, tired and shot, hard fast and sloppy, shooting like a stormtrooper, half dry picks, small Fords, 'Jordan was trash', I can breakaway, the Ringer can haz jernalism?, Sixer sock puppets, legendary days of NBA Twitter, burners for everyone, Sam's long con, KD doesn't fit, slapstick at the five, reloading in the bargain bin, glass jaws, who picks Doncic, Clarkson power rankings, parting narratives, scores to settle, the Spurs in the Eastern Conference Finals?, Bale on his bike, Full Ham, sizzling our #BALLS World Cup tipping comp (and the final stages of #NBABracketology), the sheer force of Will Power, winning Monaco with no power, Twatto does stuff, The Exorcist, on-the-job training and Zinedine Zi-done. iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.137 Sigh O' The Times

The Tasmanian Whisky Fiasco, #TakeNote, respect mah authoritah, I Am Specialized, 'I don't know how much you read', exasperated sighs, in Soviet Russia nihilism becomes you, too old for emo, unrecognisably Kiwi, epic tanties, breakfast of champions, state highway junctions of the south Waikato, Bloody Muse, intros for nothing, unsolicited earworms, not making good decisions, rock historian BS, big pigs and big gigs, remixing the classic, pining for the fjords, does Elon have diplomatic immunity or has it been revoked, roadhouse blues, shouts to Briggs, cheese in a can, Livid lineups, sniffer dogs are fascism, dedication to the bit, 2000's very stacked Livid (poster and video), beats for old people, suns out guns out, SMDFTB, Beck's on deck, why is Swaggy P and zoning out. Our final new albums of NZ Music Month are I Am Giant's farewell and Skinny Hobos' debut, plus Roxette's Look Sharp (1988) is Beeso's classic of the week. Next week: Roadhouses, Dan Sultan and Shihad's The General Electric (1999). Past, present and future review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist while our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 AD Mixtape.

BALLS.156 Straight Outta Chuggington

Professional audio editing for unprofessional audio, big thinks, hockey talk? (hockey talk), Storm talk, Sink the Slipper, union busting, Marina Hyde on the ECB chair, national gatekeepers, think globally act locally, Yo Gabba Gabba, Tony Martin talk, bent in the Switch, Jetstar stadium aesthetics, average attendances, things to do in Sacramento when your team's rubbish, it's fun to stay in the PCYC, Eastern promise, being pro coach, there's no place like home, Original touch, the Celtics travel like week-old prawns, postal service, generic shapes, ESPN's Kevins on NBA pace, 17 seconds or more, THE LAN finds its D, genetic lottery winners, pulling the receipts, Kerr and Dray, it's my time baby, Thibby Raudonikis, big is good?, getting tired, Austin Rivers SZN, how you can tell this ep was recorded before LeBron's 46 in 46 minutes (and before CP3 was ruled out for game 6), 2016 wants its #KDAintClutch back, shilling for shipping containers, milder Curry, uncompetitive games in competitive series, AFL men coaching AFL women, the Ogwumike Bowl, why you need to support womens' professional leagues, TTCFO, Real Madrid are weird, RB haven't FDRTW yet and calling Elon on his self-own.

BALLS After Dark.136 World famous in New Zealand

Pouring one out for CRTs, sick mixtapes, The Big OE, rubbing off, gritpop, not being in your 20s but still understanding words, time and place, black sheep, Brothers Nielson, art first questions later, understanding punk, lounge muzak, turning on Daft Punk, DJ Curtis, meta descriptions, sticking to what works, percussive maintenance, cheap misdirection tricks, Smash Hits Redux, depressingly positive, karaoke podcasting, fluent in Englanavian, wash it into the sea, Gurus Live At The Wireless, the state of the art in early 1990s pop and sure fire party stoppers - then in a Not Very Special All New After After Dark, more of the same rubbish about deep dives into ancient chart compilations, lazy pastiches and discovering yourself on Discover Weekly. This week's new albums were from Auckland gritpop (yes, we're persisting with this) act October and Wellingtonian alt-country types Eb & Sparrow, with the Mint Chicks' Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! up for classic consideration. Next week #NZMM continues with I Am Giant's farewell and Skinny Hobos' debut, plus Roxette's 1988 breakthrough has the look (nana nana na, na nana nana na) of a potential classic album. Past, present and future review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist while our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 AD Mixtape.  iTunes:

BALLS.155 Full Klaymunism

Nanoscale violins, victory laps, Bud in Miller country, Word Of The Day, officially the worst, Children Of The Valley Of The Suns, the centre cannot hold, buying for other people, Ringer self-harming, Celtics Guy vs Lakers Guy, the C's D without Kyrie, countdown to Comic Sans, Game of Zones is bad, iso iso all day, who's the worst coach who could win with the Warriors, Full Klaymunism, no experience necessary, galaxy brain conspiracy theories, basketball nihilism, extended ATO sets, not-in-any-way-secret secret weapons, screaming and hurling poo, if the cap fits, get some action, Kimber on Ireland's test debut, losing the toss, Nissan quit before they're ahead (even further ahead today, shouts to Docstradamus), R&D vs marketing, Group A Jaguar XJS homologation minutiae, extra time, Pep's coaching tree and Australia's World Cup Legacy™️ (brought to you by Caltex.) iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.135½ Retire bich

Interpretive dance, #CAHILLTEX, can you just not, cartoon robot alien monsters, Po Face, grungecops, is this a meme I am attempting to describe without fully understand the origins thereof, big nights in Sheffield, ULTRACHEESE and quite a lot of language warnings. This week the Doc made snap judgements on the short-term legacy damage or otherwise incurred by Judas Priest, Monster Magnet, Arctic Monkeys and Cosmic Psychos by releasing new albums. Beeso's back for next week's NZ Music Month special with new albums from October and Eb & Sparrow, plus the Mint Chicks' Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! as our Classic Album Of The Brief Cultural Zeitgeist That Was The Late Noughts. Past, present and future review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist while our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 AD Mixtape. 

BALLS.154 "Maybe it's time for Dwane Casey..."

HHACMTLLMDTW, AFL is a sport, Boof bounces back, Squires' sendoff, sucky second rounds, what next for the losers, show your working, the 2009 Mick Crocker of the NBA, coaches' coaches, Brad Steph'n, Moving Van Gundy, pretty much predicting Dwane Casey's firing from the Raptors several hours prior to it happening, lone genius narratives, alternative universe Celts-Sixers, Very Eastern Conference Playoff Basketball, institutional memories, Docstradamus strikes, positive Pels, the dark side of the farce, changing of the guards in Utah, Jingles actually got 4 years/$52M which is even better than we thought, free agents in SLC, selling high on Scary Terry, the Warriors are... underrated?, BALLS Bracketology-ology, all the Spurs assistants are interviewing for better jobs (including Becky Hammon), Suns media people who aren't Suns media people, Arsene's next gig, it's the weekend all week, no room and no time, and failing versus being failed.

BALLS After Dark.135 You did that to you

An apology, Protracker amateurs, ploughing shapes, is this good?, songs for sock puppets, tiny corners of tiny corners, troublegum pop, it's eclectic yeah, poly in Portland, stop being Childish, racist as, Beeso does research, chords and screaming, and the next one. This week Beeso and the Doc reviewed new albums from Kiwi expats Unknown Mortal Orchestra and the Cavemen, while Daft Punk's Homework (1997) was run through the patented BALLS After Dark Classic-Album-O-Meter. Next week: an all-NZ Music Month special with new albums from October and Eb & Sparrow, plus defunct Kiwi mag Real Groove's NZ album of the '00s, the Mint Chicks' Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! from 2006. Past, present and future review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist while our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 AD Mixtape.

BALLS.153 Celebrity Wheel of Beef

Fifteen minutes of condensation, bombing and sledging, C Us 4 The Nxt 10 Yrs, Final Destination 6: Welcome To Lebronto, Ben Wilts, Sixers schooled, Ooh Ahh Brad Stevens, KD sucks, doing the right thing, Ty-way Lue the Dangerfield Zone, JR's new shot coach, Drake vs Kendrick, how New Idea gets its New Ideas, 33 and a third revolutions, Joe Ingles is the best of us, #blessed, paying the bills, Fiz to the Knicks, Igor to the Suns, torrents of sewage, shutting up Sarver, Kawhi vs the Spurs is an omnishambles, Beeso's Koaching Korner, Pop is popped, immediately-out-of-date Spurs-assistants-interviewing-for-HC-jobs chat, Grizz on hold, Bud and the Bucks, #elitemateship, getting away with it (all messed up), The Thick Outside Edge Of It and the triumphant return of #HHRBFDRTW. iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.134 Don't ask questions, just bring the car round

Last week tonight, Katch's scratches, sleepy time time, the Radiohead of soul, get that grit, AD60, sharehouse stu-vac shopping lists, things you can do in a week with 16 kilos of potatoes, historic motoring with Adamhfoto (parts one, two and three), I reject your reality and substitute my own, sex education via '90s chart hits, kia ora #NZMM, Homework for kids, Make Kayne Great Again, Kendrick Lamural, homeopathic dub, Jason Lives, legacy misses and the latter works of Richard Kylea Cowie Jr, MBE. This week Doc and Beeso reviewed new albums from Stonefield and Space Invadas, with the Doc's classic pick being Green Day's Dookie from 1994. Next week: an all-NZMM new music special with fresh #content from Unknown Mortal Orchestra and the Cavemen, while Daft Punk's enormous 1997 debut is Beeso's classic. Past, present and future review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist while our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 AD Mixtape. iTunes:

BALLS.152 The_rockets_respecter has logged on

Everyone wants to be last year's Raptors, the All Streaky Backcourt All Stars, entertaining first round or entertainingest first round?, get ready to Wiggins, who's the Voss, playoff rooks, Thunder claps back, who stops AD, Bucks-Celts goes seven, Rock Mormon, who gets LeBron, popping the trunk, respecting the game while not wanting to actually watch it, Kawhi vs LMA, sepia-tinted profile pieces, Woj's box score, 3-2 closeout games, local heroes, Wide Wade, fixing Donk Itch, #PRUNTYSZNTWO, why Beeso hates Steve Nash, the Walker Brothers Coaching Academy, UEFA semi first-legs, stand up if you've scored one of the greatest goals in history (sit down CRonaldo... you can stay standing up Zidane, di Canio, van Basten and Bergkamp) and a #NBABracketology update. iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.133 Everybody loves you when you're Bey

Beyond the pale, hop country, got any salmon? (sorted), cranking it live, the Deep North, dirty phonographs, hidden troubles, triumphant declarations, good Beatles, out on the tiles, classic Katches, the Doc's favourite live gigs, the real victims of #Beychella, Pants Joy somehow remains employed, a day at the bowls club, buying a tie in 1971, Iron Producer, nailing it first time, getting out of pocket and copping out. This week Beeso and the Doc enjoyed new albums from the Bonnevilles and Demob Happy and a classic from Cream. Next week: new Stonefield and Space Invadas, while Green Day take it upon themselves to reintroduce the punk rock music to the teenagers of the early 90s. Current and recent review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist; our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape. iTunes: