BALLS.158 Yelling at the refs like a hobo on bath salts

The preamble, gamers ruin everything, hatin' on Ayton, #KANGZSZN, Colangelo cops to nothing, it's all Adam Silver's fault, toppling dictators, the Jurgen era in 10,000 words, losing on the first lap, don't pay the Ferry man, against failsons, Bo and Pablo's new show, stepping on your bits, girt by muppets, expansion joints, beef brurst?, the 12 Days of Takemas, in defence of human error, the magnificent seven, overpaying for the Clips, reluctantly talking about the actual games of the NBA Finals, Isaiah vs Isiah, the oral history of Durant joining the Dubs, not being the smartest person in the room, you can't spell catastrophic omnishambles without CA, the Peever Principle, sledging your kids, Hesson sack? (no, he just quit), the drunkest man in the universe, our #BALLS World Cup tipping comp (and COMING SOON our WC Fantasy League), FFA short-term-ism, Karius compos mentis, binning the pace car and F1's dumbest idea ever. Shouts to the Dubs on their sweep and @bernietb on somehow winning this.