BALLS.154 "Maybe it's time for Dwane Casey..."

HHACMTLLMDTW, AFL is a sport, Boof bounces back, Squires' sendoff, sucky second rounds, what next for the losers, show your working, the 2009 Mick Crocker of the NBA, coaches' coaches, Brad Steph'n, Moving Van Gundy, pretty much predicting Dwane Casey's firing from the Raptors several hours prior to it happening, lone genius narratives, alternative universe Celts-Sixers, Very Eastern Conference Playoff Basketball, institutional memories, Docstradamus strikes, positive Pels, the dark side of the farce, changing of the guards in Utah, Jingles actually got 4 years/$52M which is even better than we thought, free agents in SLC, selling high on Scary Terry, the Warriors are... underrated?, BALLS Bracketology-ology, all the Spurs assistants are interviewing for better jobs (including Becky Hammon), Suns media people who aren't Suns media people, Arsene's next gig, it's the weekend all week, no room and no time, and failing versus being failed.