BALLS.151 Thermonuclear aesthetics

#WengerOut, this Bud's not for you, head coping, pulling an Ollie, coaching triangles, matchup effects, DONE or NAH?, heads up, Microwave Melo, Miami Nice, riggin' for Wiggins, anyone remember power balance bands, DRose is Dross, LaMarginal Aldridge, winning at Indy, how good is science, tractor rustlin' in Arkansas, broken brackets, landed Gentry, extinct Raptors, ECB keep it 100, Captain Crisis, the convict stain and remembering the Dazza and Bazza show. iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.132 Punky Bluester

Going off, killing your brand, previously on the After Dark, The White Faps, blazer perverts, you had one job, shouts to Meg, Andrew Blake Mysteries, driving the forward focus, extra covers, Oasis West, problematic swag, problematic faves, you should see the other guy, Live At The Greek, T H R U S T, the Deep North, 'QOTSA-y' isn't actually a genre, Jimi on Lulu, Alley jams and the Top Gear Beetle. This week Beeso and the Doc reviewed new albums from former Stripe Jack White and super-producer Everything Is Recorded with Richard Russell, and argue which is the true Black Crowes classic album: Amorica, The Southern Thing And Thingy Thing, A.N. Other or (d) none of the above. Next week: Norn Iron blues-wranglers the Bonnevilles, QOTSA-y (no it IS a thing) Geordie three-piece Demob Happy and a fully-ticketed Classic Album™️ in the form of Cream's Disraeli Gears (1967). Current and recent review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist; our favourite tracks of the year are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape. 

BALLS.150 Boyz N The Hoodie

It's our 150th episode and the end of the NBA regular season: LET'S GET CUSTOM HOODIES PRINTED WITH PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE INSULTS AIMED AT RIVAL PODCASTS! This week: CA say nein to Nine, saving cable TV, fun first rounds, everybody hates Chris, MIN win in, Blazers without Dame, switchflicking plagiarists, when you Kant play Melo,  the entire point of the NBA, altitude sickness, the joy of being Kiddless, Grizzling over value, SARVER SZN, believing in dinosaurs, Indy from the back of the field, Saint Brad Stevens, Andre Ingram for ROY, please consult your hoodie, Sixers surges, Ben's gap year, Thibs' tiki tour, Point Freak, combox coaching, Miami nightlife is undefeated, DC diva drama, giving up stuff to be worse, a Buss man's holiday, being a fan of the Magic ≠ being a fan of basketball, Heir Bud, our picks for 6th man, defensive player, rookie, coach and MVP of the year, the results of our second annual season-long Balls Podcast NBA Genuine Draft Beer Bet, and breaking down our brackets for the NBA playoffs, right through to the finals. Join our BALLSpod bracket comp on NBA Bracketology and match your playoff predictions against ours: BALLS is also on iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.131 So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time

Thinking thinky things, the 1995 Venn diagram of words you couldn't use on posters and words compulsory to use on Picture magazine covers, tightening up, absolute garbage, doing yourself a favour, IT CAME... FROM AFRICAAAAA, very Wilt areas, belted onions, the peace pipe, registered sax offenders, Proto-Gurus, know your back catalogue, Saint Staffo, opening with singles, doing the pop*, playing Chuck Berry, Brisbane in January, convergent evolution, Bailey vs Kuepper and pubey covers. This week the Doc and special guest AlbionLoveDen reviewed new albums from Screaming Females and Femi Kuti, with the classic being Brisvegas legends The Saints' I'm Stranded. Next week Beeso's back to talk new Jack White, Everything Is Recorded with Richard Russell, and a mid-90s Black Crowes classic (or is this the real mid-90s Black Crowes classic?) Current and recent review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist; our fave tracks of the year are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape. Thanks to ALD for guesting on this week's AD. We do this on iTunes too:

*Brad Shepherd's pre-Gurus Brisbane punk band that recorded Savage (featured on disc 1 of Do The Pop and later covered by the D4 was the Fun Things. Not the Hitmen. Though he was in them for a bit as well.

BALLS.149.2 I'm a firestarter (twisted firestarter)

Part 2 of our special guest weekend sees Bernie join the Doc for another instalment of the BALLS Motorsport Nerdpod, on a weekend when too much motorsport is barely enough - featuring Formula 1, Formula 2, MotoGP, Indycar, World Rally Championship, V8 Supercars, Super GT, Blancpain GT, the Nurburgring VLN series, British touring cars, World touring cars and World Endurance Championship pre-season testing. This week: everything is online, ruining it for everyone, slaying the beast, racetrack raceability, Holden's V6 cancellation as a metaphor for the state of Supercars, Hayden's Escort service, regional support series, that's DOCTOR weird vampire guy to you, very Tim areas, Lowndes re: tyres, the unknowable 2Girls, human interest stories, more Dans, Rossi's journey, caravanning with Criville, Marc's saves, Dovi's evolution, Mugello last lap specials, great nights in, Jenson does Japan, Bertie Baguette, any eyeball will do, the WEC Unleaded Season, Sebring solutions, LMP futures, we're all in this together, background baseball, racing mormons, Wicky Bobby, twitter spoilers and season predictions.

BALLS.149.1 Nix and the City

With Beeso still AWOL presumed passed-out in a camping chair reeking of cheap whisky and Kmart brand cola, we're welcoming a couple of special guest hosts this weekend - first up, friend of the show and Melbourne Citeh supporter @AlbionLoveDen joins the Doc to talk football: previously on this episode, serving notice, expansion packs, Legacy plans, never coming home, #FullPeterFitzsimons Round, it's a joke Joyce, being a hard Arzani, being literally too literal, Adidas WC away kits, In Soviet Russia, the Manc Derby, hello Salah, Baggies boxed and buried, Neutral fan hotel, hard resets, deep Pardoodoo, Ronaldo recency bias, Butt right out and Zlatan: 'You're welcome'. iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.130 Banned in Queensland

Live* from the deserted sandblown badlands of Undisclosed Location National Park, their mic technique mysteriously deteriorating by the minute**, it's Beeso, Adamhfoto and the Doc with After Dark reckons on plastic fans, missions to Moscow, sidehustles, making Tracks, the god of Protracker nerds, industrial experiments, Origin fights, doing it yourself, I feel like Ringo, Roddy Bottum USA, animal husbandry, the rebelliness (?) of youth, Everything Is A Remix (Of Head Like A Hole), Beeso gets confused (and subsequently fired), progwaffle, aesthetic aspirations, positional changes, baby got bass, you've done it again, too much rugby league is barely enough, give the people what they want, 4 is more than 2, Crowe comps, sick a dis, she ain't messin', so bad it's bad, Winx twitter, picking classic albums based on your abillity to remember their titles, picking classic albums based on their cover art getting banned in conservative states, don't stick pencils in your ears and bloody Queensland drivers. This week we reviewed new albums from Tax The Heat and The Sword, with NIN's The Downward Spiral argued over for classic status. Next week Albion Love Den drops by to talk Femi Kuti, Screaming Females and The Saints' I'm Stranded. Current and recent review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist; our fave tracks of the year are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape. BALLS and the After Dark are also on iTunes:

*well it was at the time
**apologies for the occasionally suboptimal audio; we'll be back to our more traditional excellent sound/terrible content nexus next week

BALLS.148 I don't do much research for this podcast

Live (to tape) from an undisclosed location somewhere on the NSW coast, Beeso, Adamhfoto and the Doc give shouts to the NPWS, going full Peter Fitzsimons, hypocrisy and sanctimony, ambush marketing. we don't talk any more, bye bye Boofie, Reverse Swing 101 with J-Rod, Davey's dark arts, duties of care, Captain Cooked, addition by subtraction, Maxi-strength Gatorade, the Zen Master, Richie's dog toys, your takes are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter, lovable losers, Give Up For Australia, the bad touch, back to the future, The X Defector, 1978 in the house, why is Pat Howard, the Sutherland Mire, the Reds' reinForcements, nominative determinism, trade deadline Dray, as good as it gets, useless and premature playoff matchoff chat, who wants the Spurs, Negative Ghostrider, hope for a generation, Jazz records, #NBAtwitter truisms, the MVGM, Wizards wheeze, Donk itch, the backup to the backup and NHL No Star. iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.129 All Aussie Adventures

Biggie Cubes, how soon is too soon, what the fox says, being no longer prepared to wiggle, the new CRJ (see it at your Honda Powersports Dealer), cooking for kids, compression bandages, live-to-tape, Anna Logg, very Brunswick areas, hail performer well unmet, diminishing returns, twice the spice of Pepper, too listenable to listen, the Seppos get something right, I've just been reading NME about what lately has got cred (I tell you what as far as I can see they're massaging Kojak's head), maximum RnB, more sizzle, more live-to-tape, Tinfoil Billy, misremembered angst, failed relitigations and undisclosed locations. This week's all-Aussie adventures in new music were Late Teens by Press Club and Depth of Field by Sarah Blasko, while The Jimi Hendrix Experience's sort-of-self-titled-debut-album was the classic. Next week: The Sword, Tax The Heat and NIN's The Downward Spiral (1994), for our Live-Ish After Dark 130th Episode Coastal Elites Spectacular. Current and recent review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist; our fave tracks of the year are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape.  iTunage:

BALLS.147 Lost in the garden of Eden

We are not going to make it, Vivek respec, private schools are trash, no I said CUT through, what does the Fox say, pick of the bowlers, England's darkest hour-and-a-bit, Jim Maxwell: retire bich, brotherly love, 1970s punchlines, complementary skillsets, hoopage dreams, Big 3s, unexpected competence, Vancouver sledging, the Sellicans, good losses, Klay changes history, second opinions, Coke adds life, who to fire, why is Mike Francesa, why is the NCAA, bad ball/good narrative, the NRL gets disLodged, draft and stash, we can't pronounce Mangok Mathiang, big sports in little sports, the font of all misery and happy endings.

BALLS After Dark.128 The Empire's tracks bite

Why you should never look forward to anything, old music for old people, don't look back (you can never look back), chunks of fuzz, recycled leftovers, eatin' dust, going for it (live), fighting trucks, guitar brand based comedy, bootleg Buena Vista, get up (get on up), Beeso's motivations, tsunami warnings, teeting off, Thriller Is Trash V: Assignment Miami Beach, push the button(s), St George can't play, sizzle, flashes of inspiration, green and gold covers, transatlantic track shuffling, slicks in sleet and the importance of having good friends who support your creative endeavours. This week we reviewed new albums from The Breeders (again) and Fu Manchu, while Beeso's 'classic' is the 2003 debut album from The Cat Empire. Next week: the debut album* from Brunswick indie kids Press Club, new Sarah Blasko and classic experiential Jimi Hendrix from 1967. Review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist; our fave tracks of the year are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape. iTunes:

*this might be the giveaway Beeso was talking out his fundament ref. them being around when he was running venues in the early oughts

BALLS.146 Exum Planet Bust

Dubs taking sickies, low seeds you don't want, storm chasing, Stuie MacLillard, Beeso on sledging/sledging on Beeso, bricks for tanks, Denver The Last Dinosaur, Spurs on the outside, offensive offense, sticky Raptors, Bucks short, The Pat Connaughton Experience, playoff life expectancy, Spies Like Pop, semi-operational Death Stars, rebuilding Wall, comparing the Gold Coast Titans to a team with an actual fanbase, Wayne-ovator's delight, LeBron killed a guy, East playoff potentials, 76 in a 100 zone, State of Oregon, Dante's return-o, the Suns try to kill Rrrricky Rrrrubio, Fantasy World Cup (not the excellent Baddiel/Skinner show from 1998), CP3 stays Me7o, Vinny Del Negro with better press, Barbary of Sevilla, Champions League quarters, the word Doc is trying to remember is 'coefficient', Scotland with sunshine, Scotland with sauerkraut, Scotland with sovereign Qatari wealth, Pietering out, and in time added on, twitter Philandery and sledging: have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again. iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.127 Protest with jazz hands

Yer Old, Polish victory laps, thinking you know these guys, half pixies, The Splash After The Last One, don't be nice, Jazz Odyssey, beyond the rusteds, the_fauves_defender has logged on, making old people happy, industrial relations, boomers on social media, off-peak and off-piste, DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN, Al your fault, classic upsets, as good a Bob Dylan impression as has ever been committed to recording, Thriller Is Trash IV: A New Hope, The History And Philosophy Of Classic Albums, Neverrewind, Chooks Against Reagan, comparing eras (again), bad but influential, Beeso is wrong, what makes art important, and yes, more Jazz Odyssey. We hope you like our new direction. Shouts to Adamhfoto for guesting this week, in which we reviewed The Breeders' All Nerve and Ministry's AmeriKKKant. Next week Beeso's back to give his take on All Nerve, plus we review new Fu Manchu and a (very) arguable classic from The Cat Empire circa 2003. Review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist; our fave tracks of the year are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape. Our pods are also available on iTunes:

BALLS.145 And now a messledge from our sponsor

Special emergency guest host Adamhfoto joins the Doc to discuss check 1-2, does sledging work, dropping the pitch mic, Mrs Warner before she was Mrs Warner, golden cucks, everything is Steve Waugh's fault, imaginary Great Danes, on-pitch ad breaks the Wrong Reverend, sledging Kegs, #OffBrand, talking balls on #BALLS, immovable objects, bad Lodge takes, crimes against yourself, say no to eight dollar pies, captive premiums, Posterization Nation, Hardenaldo, Blazing it, flawed contenders, unSpursy Spurs, broken narratives, Lebron has trust issues, Dubs depth, Tiger tries to win a thing*, Loeb: it's French for GOAT, the wrong Lyon, Rashid Khan't and comparing eras.

*Spoilers: Tiger did not win the thing

BALLS After Dark.126 Does what it says on the tin

Talking about your feelings, STDAs, risk and daring, Buckley's chance, seachangelings, the right space, dropping J's, Mark Ronseal, metal prototypes, Thriller Is Trash 3 (Man United 0), carbon-dated production choices, history in reverse, double legacies, Pew Pew Pew Research, cis-white-male diplomatic immunity has just been revoked, the depths of hell, haven't we done this before, the St Kilda sand, Balls After What? and 404 ep not found. This week Franz Ferdinand were Always AscendingJoan As Police Woman showed Damned Devotion and Judas Priest flashed British Steel (rusted.) Next week, in another all-legacy act special: The Breeders, Fu Manchu and The Cat Empire's STDA from 2003. Review albums are on our After Dark album review playlist; best tracks of the year are on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape.  iTunes:

BALLS.144 Three Billboards Outside Cleveland, Ohio

Winter Olympics coverage, around the grounds, storytelling on demand, adopting Canadians, narrative over everything, CA go straight to market, Philanderthropy, having enough stuff, NEVALOST, transforming SA cricket, better without Wall, hot take analytics, carpet C-bombing, spilt tea and #pettywarz, ROY slavin', top tips, third quarter Dubs, third placed Spurs, showing your stuff, Dame Time, Harden on power forwards, winning the Blake trade, Wade heroics, Raptors offence, LeBron to Philly, get Bogut a job, Ron Mueck references and the sport of AFL. (We never did get back to the Atlanta twitter thing, but here it is.) iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.125 Now only 49.88% trash

Everywhere is Mount Morgan, Stormzy spits fire, class tourism, gimme all your money, the end of monoculturism, sold out in Gladstone, the Bill Russell of albums, Michael Jordan eating popcorn dot gif, circular arguments, Jett Generation, shaking it up, tasty snacks, milquetoast (DRINK), bio hazards, #RealOpeners, solid energy, indie teen movie soundtracks, all that and less, poppity poppity pop, what percentage trash is permissable in a classic album, late-00s new music deserts, Rob's got the look (he's got the look), Air Bruce, Spotify out here trolling #beesointhebushes, aromatherapy, old washed Kurt and losing your stage vision. Reviewed this week: Bat Fangs' self-titled debutBlend Inn by Hockey Dad and Oracular Spectacular (2007) by MGMT. Next week: new stuff from Joan As Police Woman and Franz Ferdinand, and a classic from the dawn of heavy metal from Judas Priest. Review albums hang out on our After Dark album review playlist; shouts to our 2018 After Dark Mixtape. #BALLS and After Dark are also available on iTunes:

BALLS.143 Once a jolly swagman, always a jolly swagman

Thorn in my side, missing Link, the business of All Star, playoff play-ins, mixed messaging, Game Set Match, defusing Rockets, CAVS IN CRISIS, the Raptors fight fate, the Butler didn't do it (DNP-CBF)*, dunking on judges, Jim's GM Blaming, the Cuban Missive Crisis, Defo Maybe, degenerate Australian NBA gambling, cheaper League Pass, live sport needs a live audience, AFLYtho, taking February off, disLodging the Broncos, Sam Kerr is not here for your nonsense and (tell me why) Frankfurt doesn't like Mondays. 

*because the fates love themselves some irony, Jimmy Butler did his knee in his first game back after All Star, DNP-CBF or not. Goodnight Minnesota.

BALLS After Dark.124 Aesthetic over everything

Palate defibrillators, performative wokeness, Bjork O, going somewhere, artistic inspirations, fraint paise, ⸘INTERROBANGS‽, DIY bios, cannon eisteddfodder, punishing earnestness, the only good concert band is a dead concert band, Paul McCartney Ruins Things, 1980s pop benchmarking, virgins and prayer, disco funk rootage, self-caricature, the art vs the artist, getting blamed for your descendents, more fun side projects, middle management, free kicks, popping the trunk, stupid done clever and the future of gayface,  plus a special After After Dark. In this week's After Dark, Beeso and the Doc review new albums from Dream Wife and The Go! Team while Michael Jackson's Thriller is our classic. Next week: Bat Fangs' debutBlend Inn by Hockey Dad and a 2007 CLSC from MGMT. FKNAWSM. This, last and next week's albums are as always on our After Dark album review playlist; our 2018 After Dark Mixtape gets better every week. Statistically it has to, right?Also on iTunes:

BALLS.142 Maybe it's because I'm a LDNR

In which Beeso and the Doc talk Blake mysteries, making Sir Ed, Beeso in the bushes, act like you've been here before, hail Marys, Turkish Delly, enjoying Jazz, schedule effects, losing Heat, reinventing yourself, Rose v. Wade, hangovers from 2016, horny Czechs, Frankie Smokes, recruiting from Boston, your moment of Zen, noone likes hearing the Truth, no second option, outPacing expectations, coaching yourself, NBA Disrespect Twitter, back of the west, playing minutes concern trolling, working through your holidays, bring back Boris, #thewestiscomfortablymediocre, Nike owns London, football in hell, cage matches at sea*, Shaq's early (but he's ready) and meeting the superhumans.

*Fun fact: Nike's '02 World Cup 'Secret Tournament' ad series was directed by Terry Gilliam. At $100M it was one of his cheaper projects, and actually got delivered on time.